It’s rare to find a Day Hospital in a small regional town, but Ulladulla is very fortunate to have had a licensed facility operating in the area for 15 years.
Having surgery carried out locally not only saves travel time and anxiety for patients and their families, the waiting time is shorter than near-by larger facilities and usually more affordable.
The added benefit is that patients know their local doctors and can utilise both Medicare subsidies and health insurance at the Day Hospital.
The team of experienced health professionals, led by Dr Kevin Le and Dr Jessie Hoang, works hard to maintain its license and accreditation status.
Ulladulla Endoscopy and Medical Centre offers a range of day surgery and procedures under anaesthetics including Endoscopy (gastroscopy, colonoscopy), Pillcam, Cataract operation, varicose vein laser ablation, skin cancer operation and iron infusion.
Pop in and see the friendly team to talk about your needs. Call 02 4455 5422 to book your appointment today.