Why is iron important?

Iron is essential for the body to make haemoglobin (Hb), a pigment that makes red blood cells red. When the amount of iron in the body gets too low, the haemoglobin level falls below normal. This is known as ‘iron deficiency anaemia’.

Why might I need iron infusion?

Iron infusion might be needed if you are:

  • Unable to tolerate iron taken by mouth
  • Unable to absorb iron through the gut
  • Unable to absorb enough iron due to the amount of blood that the body is losing
  • In need of a rapid increase in iron levels to avoid complications or a blood transfusion

What is an iron infusion?

An Iron Infusion is when Iron is given directly into the blood stream through a drip. The drip is placed by a doctor. It contains Iron mixed with saline (a sterile salt water solution). This fluid is slowly ‘dripped’ (infused) into the vein.

If you would like more information, please make an appointment to see Dr. Le or see your doctor. This service might be covered by your private health fund (if you have hospital cover).