A colonoscopy is a procedure that uses a thin flexible tube with a tiny camera attached. It is used to look inside your bowel. A doctor may suggest a colonoscopy if you have bowel problems or symptoms, or if you have completed a bowel cancer screening test (‘poo test’) that has returned a positive result. It may also be recommended because of your previous colonoscopy results or family history.

What is the process for getting a Colonoscopy?

Step 1 – Assessment

You will need to book in for a Pre-Op assessment. Our nurse will:

  • Collect information about your health
  • Book a time for your Colonoscopy procedure
  • Provide bowel preparation instructions
  • Provide an estimate for the cost of the Colonoscopy

Dr Le will meet with you to discuss the reason for the Colonoscopy and make sure you are able to have the procedure performed safely under a deep sedation.

Step 2 – Colonoscopy

You will be admitted to our Day Surgery for the Colonoscopy.  This is performed under a deep sedation for your comfort. The colonoscopy procedure itself involves passing the thin, flexible tube with a tiny camera attached (a colonoscope) into the rectum. Dr Le will look inside your bowel and may remove polyps (small growths) or samples for testing. The procedure itself takes about 30 minutes and you will usually be able to go home about two hours later, after the effect of the sedation wears off.

Dr. Le will discuss the findings from the Colonoscopy with you prior to discharge.

Step 3 – Recovery

It is common to get some bloating and mild discomfort after a Colonoscopy. You will be given written instructions on how to care for yourself when you go home and when to start your regular medicines and diet again. You will be provided with information about what to do if you have any problems after going home, including a phone number that you can call after hours.

It is recommended that you have someone stay with you on the night after the colonoscopy. If this is not possible, discuss this with your doctor before you have the colonoscopy

Step 4 – Follow up

A follow up appointment with Dr Le will be made for you prior to discharge. A Colonoscopy report will be sent to your referring GP. The report will have recommendations for further tests or treatment or another colonoscopy in the future and when this should happen.


This will be discussed at the Pre-op assessment. An estimate of the cost will be provided to you. You can use your private health insurance for a Colonoscopy. The Pre-op assessment is bulk billed for your convenience.