Ground-breaking Capsule Endoscopy technology is now available at our Day Surgery, negating the need for patients to travel to Wollongong or Sydney.

In partnership with Dr Abey of Wollongong Day Surgery, our region is the first in Australia to have access to this new high definition, AI-assisted service.

Capsule endoscopy requires no anaesthetic, it’s less invasive, and it provides more accurate readings of gastrointestinal bleeding.

A camera is mounted in a pill the size of a vitamin tablet and the patient is then asked to swallow the pill under supervision of the treating doctor or nurse.

Capsule Endoscopy, also known as “Pillcam”, allows the doctor to examine the inside of the entire small bowel. This is the region where both the Gastroscopy and the Colonoscopy cannot reach. Capsule endoscopy is used in special situations such as anaemia or iron deficiency, etc.

The main benefits of this global-first product are:

  • Its high definition, quality images assist with diagnostic accuracy.
  • Artificial Intelligence can identify 16 pathological lesions inside the digestive tract
  • The time to download a patient study on average is five minutes. The doctors reporting time on average is two minutes 45 seconds using the AI software

We also bulk-bill eligible patients for this service at our Day Surgery in Ulladulla.

Please consult your GP if you feel you need this procedure.

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