A cataract is a small patch of cloudiness or opaqueness that develops in the clear lens of the eye.

A cataract can occur at any age but most are found in the elderly. If anyone lives long enough they will develop a cataract; 65% of people in their fifties and all people over 80 years have some degree of cataract.

If you experience blurry vision please see your Optometrist.


There is no effective simple treatment including drugs or herbs. Sometimes a new prescription for glasses can help.

Surgery is the only effective cure and while it is a substantial and delicate operation it is safe and effective with very good results in over 95% of cases.


It usually involves a day-surgery procedure which is a stay of 4-5 hours.

It is a delicate procedure performed under local anaesthetics and sedation. Very fine instruments are used to make a small incision in the front of the eye and extract the old cataract containing lens. It is replaced by a plastic lens in the space left by the old lens.

The new artificial one will last forever.

The picture opposite is a view of a cataract in an eye under examination with a slit lamp.