Assessment, Diagnosis and Management of Specific Health Complaints

This is provided by our Doctors and Nurses working as a health care team.

Skin Cancer Checks

This is done by our Doctors with a dermatoscope and it should be done regularly.  The common sun spots can be treated by freezing with liquid nitrogen.  The other skin cancers may need to be excised for diagnosis and treatment.

Procedural Treatments

Skin cancer surgery, removal of foreign bodies, insertion of Implanon and other hormonal treatments, IV fluids for dehydrated patients, catheter insertion, application of plaster of Paris for fractures, IV antibiotic therapy, wedge resection or removal of ingrown toenails, suturing of lacerations, resuscitation and stabilisation of patients.

Milton Hospital

Our Doctors can admit patients to Milton Hospital for further complex care.  Dr Le can admit patients to Milton Hospital for these operations: vasectomy, carpal tunnel release, complex skin cancer surgery.  For more information speak to one of our friendly staff.

Pathology Investigation

Onsite blood collection centre.

Disease Prevention

Health assessments for 75+ years, 45-49 years, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) patients and 4 year old children.

Chronic Disease Management

Provided by our Doctors and Nurses collaboratively in planning and review for conditions such as diabetes, emphysema, asthma, osteoporosis, arthritis, heart failure, etc.

Pharmacological Treatments

Regular review of medications and effects by our Doctors, referral to community pharmacists for Home Medicines Review where necessary.

Clinical Treatment and Monitoring

Our Nurses have a dedicated treatment room for wound dressing, immunisations, spirometry, doppler, ECG and INR testing.

Home Visits

Provided by our Doctors and Nurses for nursing home residents, palliative care patients and for health assessments.

Early Childhood Health Checks and Immunisation Services

Provided by our Doctors and Nurses.


COVID 19 vaccinations and annual flu vaccinations available – appointments essential.

Indigenous Health

Registration for Closing The Gap program, ATSI health assessment, immunisation, diabetes self-management and risk screening.

Maternity Services

Shared care arrangements provided in collaboration with the patient’s obstetrician and/or hospital maternity services.

Telehealth Services

We are equipped to allow for telehealth specialist consultation services.

Safety and Quality

The Ulladulla Endoscopy and Medical Centre has a comprehensive infection prevention and control program in place.  Our facility and staff are regularly audited for compliance with national infection prevention and control guidelines, Australian Standards for reprocessing of reusable instruments and the Australian Commission of Safety and Quality in Healthcare (ACSQHC) National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards.

There is also a range of posters, leaflets, and brochures about health issues relevant to the community available for all of our patients in:
– the clinic waiting rooms and
– consultation rooms